Binka Boo Productions
Founded by Jennifer Lusk

Melbourne Cast

Jessica Beck Jessica Dora Beck, a descendent of the Arrernte group, grew up on a farm in Mingbool in South Australia near Mt Gambier. She moved to Adelaide in 2002 in order to study at the Flinders University Drama Centre. She completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours) in 2005. Highlights from her time there include playing Ophelia in the graduate production of Hamlet. She was also recently involved a creative development workshop with writer Rosalba Clemente in conjunction with Windmill Performing Arts. She also sings in a trio group called ‘Ripple Effects’ and has recorded several voice-overs for radio.
Rohan Harry Rohan Harry is a young, fresh and talented performer, with a background in children’s theatre, stand up comedy and karaoke. Rohan is a product of the local Adelaide comedy scene and has performed at various premier venues around Australia and locally, including the Rhino Room and PJ O’Brien’s. Rohan is also performing as part of The Best of Adelaide Comedy for the Adelaide Fringe at the Rhino Room and will make his debut at the Melbourne Comedy Festival this year performing Something in the Water.
Joanne Hartstone Joanne Hartstone has been performing since the age of five. She graduated with Honours from the Flinders University Drama Centre in 2005. Her recent performances have included Gertrude in Hamlet and the role of Lindsay in Neil LaBute’s award winning play Some Girl(s). Joanne has acted in several short films and has recorded a variety of voice-overs for radio and television. Although she is also an accomplished jazz and musical theatre singer and has trained for twelve years in classical and contemporary ballet, Joanne’s main passion lies in acting.
Lisa Infante Lisa Infante is a graduate of the Flinders University Drama Centre in South Australia and has been based in Melbourne for three years. She has performed in several theatre and television shows, including Last Man Standing and Savvy TV. Her numerous TV commercials include Direct Interiors, Statewide Superannuation, Sprite and St. George Bank. In 2004, she enjoyed a fruitful mentorship with Mary Coustas (Acropolis Now’s Effie) through the Helpmann Academy. She has also recently completed writing her first feature film and looks forward to developing it.
Robynne Kelly Robynne Kelly is a graduate of Flinders University Drama Centre with a BA (Hons). She has had the pleasure of working with Catherine Fitzgerald (Psycho Beach Party), Tim Maddock (Flight) and international director John Green (Macbeth). Robynne has worked with Chris Williams of the ABC doing voice overs for the Radio Play Madagascar Lily which will be airing later this year. She was also given the opportunity to stage manage at the Australian Playwright’s Conference held in South Australia 2004. Robynne travelled abroad with the Traverse Theatre Company, Edinburgh, Scotland, during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which has led to her working with Joh Hartog in Fitting Rooms at this year’s Adelaide Fringe.
Rebecca Smith Rebecca Smith is in her final year of her Bachelor of Contemporary Arts at Deakin University, majoring in Dance and Drama. As a part of her Drama studies, She has been involved in the collaborative development of The Empire Builders, The Bacchae and Knot Quite Right. She has performed in numerous other projects and productions, including the dance piece Cacophony in 2005 and several short films. She worked under the direction of Paul Romano in the dance performance of Sativa in 2005. She has been involved in the creation of works including Stark to Sixteen, which featured in the collaborative work Arcades, Juncture and Is His Hers, a duet which appeared as part of the Soap Box Sunday Series for the Physical Theatre Unleashed forum at the Arts Centre.
Jennifer Lusk Jennifer Lusk graduated from the Flinders University Drama Centre in 2004, receiving first class honours and the University Medal. She also received the Minter Ellison award for excellence, given by the Helpmann Academy to the best female graduating student. Highlight performances from her time at Flinders include Olga in Fireface, and ‘Felicia’ in The Housekeeper. As a student she was also involved in the creative development of Where’s the Green Sheep with Windmill Performing Arts. As a writer, Jennifer won the 2003 Wirra Wirra short story award, the inaugural winner of the youth category and has had several short stories published. Fitting Rooms is her first major foray into writing for the stage.
Joh Hartog Joh Hartog (director) first moved to Australia in 1965 and worked as a director with Q theatre in Sydney in 1969. He then returned to Holland where he worked with several companies until 1974 when he took up work with the Music Hall in Neutral Bay, NSW. He continued to work on and off in theatre in NSW until coming to South Australia where he completed a Bachelor of Arts at Flinders University in 1992. The work he did for his PhD thesis, a cultural audit on events at the Festival Centre, translated into a national project, which eventually became AusStage. He is a senior lecturer at Flinders University, where he has directed numerous productions including The Housekeeper (Goldoni), Massacre Games (Ionesco), Attempts on her Life (Crimp), Mad Forest (Churchill) and Three Sisters (Chekhov). Productions outside the University include Dark Matter – A Diapasonic Trek (original work), And I’ll Give You All The Diamonds In My Teeth (Mazure) and The Bald Primadonna (Ionesco). His most recent endeavour has been to help set up Short Theatre, which is designed as a coming together of local talent to review, discuss and present 10 minute works..